Past work

We have worked on many different types of risk with many different types of customer.  The following are some examples of the kind of work we have done.

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Canadian Information Services Company

A Canadian information company recently told us that their biggest risk was uninsurable.  

At least, that was what their then broker and insurer – both big 3 firms – had been telling them for years.   

Though we agreed the risk was unusual, we didn’t think it was uninsurable and, working closely with them, we designed and arranged coverage that fully addressed their biggest exposure.   

We continue to support the development of the resulting insurance program and the insurer relationships underpinning it.

Global Real Estate Services Company

A very large real estate firm had – as far as the insurance market was concerned – become a distressed professional liability risk because of the fallout from the global property market crash of 2008 and later.  

As a result, their coverage had become very tight, low limit, expensive and uncoordinated; they had to buy separate policies for different territories.  

They had also lost all influence in claims handling which, bearing in mind the reputational issues around professional liability claims, was a major concern. 


To address all these deficiencies, and insulate them against future uncertainty in whatare naturally – but differently – cyclical real estate and insurance marketplaces, we worked with them to develop a single, global program based on their captive, with the coverage and claims handling approaches they needed, using a hybrid insurance and reinsurance structure.

Cyber MGA

A US MGA came to us with an AI-based approach to insuring cyber risk, but its novelty meant they had found it hard to attract market support.  They had also assumed they needed to take a stealthy approach to marketing because they were developing a potentially disruptive technology.  

We worked with them to develop their product, their underwriting, and their claims handling processes to attract the insurer and reinsurer support they needed.  We also worked with them to develop an effective marketing strategy, introducing them to one of the largest hospital chains in the US, who became their first customer.

Global Broker

A US alphabet broker wanted to develop sexual misconduct liability insurance for their religious practice group.  

Given the well-known past history, insurance had been unavailable for 20 years.  

We worked closely with the broker and their clients to develop a product, underwriting protocols and claims handling approaches that met the needs of the broker, their clients, and their insurers.

Title Insurer

On reviewing a large US title insurance company’s insurance and reinsurance programs, we identified a gap in coverage between the two programs that left them substantially unprotected for the core title risks they were accepting.  

We re-designed their entire approach to managing the title risks they accepted with a hybrid of a traditional title reinsurance program and crime and E&O insurance coverages to eliminate the gap.  

We also saved them over $6m in annual premiums.